The MEGA Frame

Our new lightweight street frame that allows up to 64mm wheels flat rockered.  The MEGA has a more traditional height, offering a low center of gravity and familiar balance on topsides and h-block grinds. The h-block is designed to wrap around the inner wheels to help safeguard skaters from the dreaded wheel bite. Wheel spacing allows for full access to UFS bolts making frame change/rotation a breeze. UFS mounting points have been beefed up to 9mm thick to increase stiffness and prevent any unwanted fracturing.  Streamlined sidewalls, aluminum spacers, and our 8mm sickle axles complete what shapes up to be everybody’s favorite frame for grinding ledges and carving bowls.    


Available in Black, Ivory, Maroon, and Dark Grey



  • Symmetrical design

  • 8mm grind wall thickness with rounded edges

  • 9mm UFS mount thickness

  • 48mm wall height

  • Large Wheel Base - 270mm / Length 305mm

  • Medium Wheels Base - 257mm / Length 292mm

  • 103mm spacing between 2nd and 3rd wheel

  • GC 8mm Sickle Bolts & Aluminum Frame/Bearing Spacers

  • Frame with spacers weighs 8.7 oz. each

  • Full access to UFS Bolts

  • Designed for flat setups with wheel sizes ranging from 59mm to 64mm

The BIG Frame

A collaborative effort with team riders and our design staff, the BIGs are built to offer GC’s trusted street attributes blended with smooth roll of a recreational frame setup.  By increasing the height of the frame, increasing the width of the h-block, and lowering the side walls and outer edges of the center groove, we are now able to offer a frame that allows a maximum wheel size of 72mm that skates like a street frame.  Complete with aluminum spacers, your wheels will roll smooth and fast with minimal resistance. 

Ground Control will also be offering matching 72mm/88A wheels with a profile that fits perfectly to the raised groove, offering an impressive level of wheel protection to keep from biting on grinds.



  • Wheel Base - 260mm

  • 114mm spacing between 2nd and 3rd axle

  • 54mm sidewall height / 63mm tall at the lowest point of the h-block

  • Lowered sidewalls and h-block provide protection from excessive wheel   bite on grinds

  • Bare Frame Weighs 9.4 oz

  • GC Sickle Axles / Aluminum Frame Spacers / UFS Mounting Bolts

  • FLT3 composite 

  • 1 size fits all


Note: UFS coupling mount height is 2mm (5/64”) max. You might have to grind down the pins of certain soul frames.

Available in the following colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Khaki

The FLT3 Frame

The NEW and IMPROVED Featherlight 3 features INNOVATIONS that make for a SMOOTHER ride, FASTER grind and STRONGER frame...


1 + 2 = 3 is the simple concept which stands behind GC's Featherlite 3 frames. The FLT-3 combines the metal axle spacers of the FLT-1 with the unmatched grinding feel, light weight and strength of the FLT-2 frame. Even with the axle bolts tightened all the way the wheels are still spinning freely and everyone on our team was blown away what a difference it makes and how much faster these frames are.

  • Large Wheel Base - 270mm

  • Medium Wheels Base - 257mm

The 80mm HD Frame

Simple, solid frame walls make for a stiffer frame, 6061 T6 Alum

Frame only includes all axles and spacers, 7075 Alum

Complete includes 8-80mm GC Wheels & Bearings

Grindplate options available in both sizes: 8.4mm thick & 28mm tall - incl necessary mounting hardware

The HD Frame

Ground Control HD Aluminum Frames in 60mm & 72mm sizes are here. The HD frames are stiffer and more responsive than the typical UFS plastic grind frame - allowing for increased energy transfer, equaling more speed at the park and in the street. Countersunk axle holes help protect bolts from wear. Interchangeable plastic & aluminum h-blocks offer options for all kinds of obstacles. H-blocks will work on both 60mm & 72mm frames in all lengths.

60mm HD Frame

45.5mm frame height / 41mm frame width / 114mm middle wheel split
Lengths: 247mm, 257mm, 270mm, 283mm

72mm HD Frame

51.5mm frame height / 41mm frame width/ 114mm middle wheel split
Lengths: 261mm, 270mm, 283mm

* Length refers to the wheelbase - the length from the center of the first axle to the fourth.

Anodized Black comes with black aluminum block and white plastic block. Silver comes with silver aluminum and black plastic block. Each pair includes both 8 steel axles with 8 - 8mm bearing spacers. Hblocks and axles are also available separately.

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